Transit Route Planner

Finds the shortest route between two points on the MTA subway.

This project is meant to be educational and not necessarily useful.

Learning goals:


Simple 2D game in C++; pong/space invaders style. Made at Recurse Centre.


GitHub | Demo
Toy / Interactive conceptual art in JavaScript, built with three.js and WebGL.

When you visit the world of Attrition, you are assigned standing armies in a few random places on the globe. Where you start is an accident of birth, if you will. Click on other countries (either in the sidebar, or on the globe) to select them. You have one action available, and that is to move troops around. At the end of each turn (5 seconds, watch the timer!) all armies (from different players) who happen to be in the same country eliminate each other one-for-one. Attrition is designed to be impersonal, boring, and zero-sum - much like modern warfare.